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Learning Shapes and Colors for Toddlers on the Shapes Train | PicTrain™

Learning Shapes and Colors for Toddlers and Preschoolers: On this kids shape and colors trip, learn all your basic shapes and their colors on an exciting PicTrain™ journey! Blue triangles, brown rectangles, red hearts, and more – let your little learner learn their colors and shapes at the same time. All aboard the PicTrain™ for a fun-filled, interactive trip as we wind our way through the canyons and learn our shapes and our colors! Learn all your basic shapes and colors the easy and fun way on the PicTrain™!

Utilizing visual and aural repetition; simple, fun, and well-known tunes; and colorful and visually stimulating images, Pictrain helps babies, toddlers, Pre-K and ESL students learn train-loads of things! So all aboard this Pictrain learning track – it is jam-packed with fun-filled excitement and opportunities to expand your horizons!

PicTrain™ — laying the tracks for learning!

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