Counting Dice Video Review Test for Children | Express PicTrain™

Counting Dice Video Review Test for Children: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade. All aboard this Express Train version of our super popular PicTrain™ video ( for a way to review and test your young learner’s comprehension of how to count using dice! Counting the pip marks on die are often used as a way to simply teach the methods of counting, as the counter must understand that they are counting the small pips on each die and not the die themselves. This Express PicTrain™ helps that new counter or math expert in your life to understand these concepts and can serve as an excellent test or review of the concepts of couting!

Utilizing visual and aural repetition; simple, fun, and well-known tunes; and colorful and visually stimulating images, Pictrain helps babies, toddlers, Pre-K and ESL students in homeschools, public schools and private schools learn train-loads of things! So all aboard this Pictrain learning track – it is jam-packed with fun-filled excitement and opportunities to expand your horizons!

PicTrain™ — laying the tracks for learning!

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